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Defeat Doug Ford in the June 2022 Ontario election

December 17, 2021

By Craig Berggold and Elaine Power

Irresponsible, incompetent, or cruel? Doug Ford’s record is a disturbing forewarning of what’s in store for Ontario if he wins the upcoming provincial election again. This affects all of us – vote wisely: 

Doug Ford threw the lives of 4,000 Ontario Basic Income Pilot participants into poverty, chaos, and indignity, and prevented the collection of data on the advantages of the program, when he canceled the pilot early, breaking his campaign promise

Doug Ford has voted down more paid sick days for Ontario workers almost 30 times, potentially causing countless new COVID cases and deaths as he leans on sick people to go to work during the pandemic.

Doug Ford is focused on profits for Ontario’s private-for-profit Long-Term-Care operators where poor conditions and under-paid care leaves many vulnerable seniors scared and shaken by the horrific deaths at LTC homes. 

Doug Ford’s 1% wage freeze for public sector workers, such as nurses and teachers, is an insulting “slap in the face” for those who never fail to be at our bedside when we are sick, and teach our kids at school, even under unbearable, dangerous working conditions.

Doug Ford’s failure to address low pay in the healthcare sector, especially for personal support workers (PSWs) and nurses, has created a recruitment and retention crisis contributing to longer wait times, more hallway medicine, and exhausted healthcare workers that just can’t take it anymore. 

Doug Ford’s lip service on the housing affordability crisis ensures that many who can buy a home pay almost half their income for a mortgage, while making it impossible to buy a house for the rest of us.

Doug Ford cut increases to social assistance rates. Further, “Scrooge” Ford refuses to invest surplus money in the health and well-being of recipients even as Ontario Works caseloads fall dramatically – what is he doing with the money instead?

Doug Ford has no intention to raise minimum wage rates to a living wage even as we face higher inflation. Ford canceled the 2019 minimum wage increase to $15/hour

Doug Ford cut tens-of-thousands of post-secondary students off financial aid, reducing OSAP by $400-million, and contributing to a bleak future for a generation of young people already facing a precarious labour market.

Doug Ford shut-down the Indigenous Culture Fund and cut millions more from the arts, culture and tourism sectors.

Doug Ford’s record on climate change is a dramatic fail. After a decade of decline, Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions climbed again under the Ford regime. 

Doug Ford fails to keep women safe, leading to women’s deaths from domestic violence at alarming rates especially in rural Ontario. Ford ignores recommendations to review policies and training related to partner violence and sexual violence.

Thank you for nothing #FordNation. 

#DogFood for the People. 

Vote wisely in the in the upcoming June 2022 Ontario election.