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Gift Basic Income Now – Donate Today!

December 23, 2021

Give a Gift to help end precarity and poverty. Help us gear up to fight for a Basic Income during the Ontario election.

Basic Income activism is too political for you to receive a charitable receipt, but every cent you donate will go directly to support for the Basic Income Now Ontario Election Campaign in Kingston and beyond. We have no staff and almost no overhead. 

KBIG will use your donation for Ontario election campaign to:

  • Buy hundreds of Basic Income Now of Signs for distribution on lawns, in windows and at rallies across Kingston and in key swing ridings.
  • Spread the word online, hopefully with a new Campaign Video as good as the first one.
  • Order t-shirts, stickers and other merch to distribute across Kingston and in key swing ridings.
  • Plan Ontario rallies leading up to the June 2 election.
  • Support Basic Income Now’s forthcoming campaign to have Ontario MPP candidates sign a Pledge endorsing Basic Income.
  • Get out the vote, especially in swing ridings, to support those MPP candidates who have taken our pledge, during the provincial election.

Please give as generously as you can. We’re getting closer to making a Basic Income Guarantee a reality.

KBIG is fully volunteer-run – everything you donate we spend on Basic Income Now materials and promotions for Kingston and the Islands plus key swing ridings across Ontario.